Orbital Test Services, LLC
Orbital Test Services, LLC
Specializing in Extreme Testing Environments
  • Offering Shock Testing Services for Devices
    Used in the Most Extreme Environments

    Orbital Test Services, LLC provides customers with high-quality shock testing services for assessing the survivability, durability, and reliability of devices and components used in the military, aerospace, medical and commercial electronics industries.
  • High-G Shock Testing is Our Expertise

    We routinely shock between 20,000g - 100,000g.

    High-g mechanical shock is our expertise.   Shock testing is conducted using a Lansmont Model HS-23 Series High-G Shock Test System which is capable of providing a broad range of testing conditions compliant with MIL-STD-810, Method 516 and MIL-STD-883, Method 2002.  Shock Loads during testing are recorded using a high speed shock accelerometer mounted in-line with the device being tested.  OTS'  customized mechanical shock system allows for shock testing up to and including 100,000g.
  • Military & Avionic Hardware must be RELIABLE...

    ...be qualified as the MOST RELIABLE     in the industry.

    OTS provides component designers and manufactures with the
    highest quality testing services to assess the survivability,
    durability and reliability of military and avionic hardware required  to operate under the most extreme environmental conditions.